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The Creative Journey- 2nd and 4th Wednesdays @ 10am

  • Description:

    Learn how to use shamanic journeying to aid and enhance creativity and overcome procrastination in the supportive atmosphere of this class. The Creative Journey will meet the second and fourth Wednesday of each month to journey, process,…

  • Created by: Julia Widdop

Fire Circle Gathering with Redhorse Barta

  • Description:

    Join Redhorse at the Shamans Camp to learn more about the ancient wisdom of the indigenous DaNakota “American Indian Sioux”  Redhorse will share his ways which he believes allows everyone to practice enhancing the ability to have…

  • Created by: Julia Widdop

The Shamanic Approach to Creativity

  • Description:

    Patrons of the Traveling Shamans and the Shamans Camp are hosting traveling shaman Winter Ross on the weekend of August 25th and this is your chance to meet this amazing woman.

    Winter Ross works in the medium of Imagination. She is…

  • Created by: Julia Widdop

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