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Creative Journey is a Patrons Group that meets weekly. We do open a couple of guest slots each week. If you'd like one of those slots, please sign up here to learn how to use shamanic journeying to overcome procrastination and enhance creativity in…
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Postcards from Traveling Shamans

The upcoming Shamanic Approach to Creativity

Winter Ross our Crestone-based Traveling Shaman is closing registration for her workshop on the 25th so she can get ready for her travels in Australia. If you wanted to meet this amazing shamanic artist and participate in the workshop, please sign up by noon on Monday the 13th.

Patrons of the Traveling Shamans and the Shamans Camp are hosting traveling shaman Winter Ross on the weekend of August 25th and this is your chance to meet this amazing woman.

Winter Ross works in the medium of Imagination. She is convinced that the creative mind has the power to heal both individuals and the world. This workshop is designed for writers, artists, shamanic practitioners and anyone interested in these realms. Winter shares the technique of the classic drum journey and other shamanic experiences, explaining how this ancient cosmology can help you access deeper levels of creativity and the unconscious. You will experience a personal journey and begin to apply it to your own medium. Please bring your chosen art or writing supplies to this class.

About the facilitator:
Exploring the worlds of Shamanism since 2004, Winter is a member of the Foundation for Shamanic Studies founded by anthropologist Michael Harner, she offers the ancient healing techniques of Shamanism with an eye to her clients' 21st century western paradigm. Her offerings include Drum Journey, Power Animals, Divination, Extraction, Soul Retrieval, Reiki and the Celtic Keening ceremony. Winter has studied Soul Retrieval with Sandra Ingerman, Tibetan Bon Chöd (Feeding Your Demons) with Lama Tsultrim Allione, is a member of the Native American Church and a pipe holder in the Lakota tradition.

Winter holds a fine arts / illustration degree from Rhode Island School of Design, and has exhibited internationally. While an MFA candidate in printmaking, her fabric art received excellent reviews and it remains one of her favorite mediums along with painting. You can see more of her shamanic inspired work at

Her short stories, essays, and articles have been published in various art, environmental and literary journals. 4 Warnings: Shamanic Journeys, a chapbook of visionary prose, is her first book. It can be found on and is used as a text in Journey classes at Awareness Institute, Sydney, Australia.

Redhorse Barta Currently on Tour with Indigenous

Redhorse Barta is currently on tour with the band Indigenous. His schedule is a bit unpredictable but he is expected to present programs when he is at the Shamans Camp near Grand Junction. Join Friends of Redhorse at to follow him and be the first to know when he (and hopefully the band) is coming to Grand Junction.

Moving and Dedication of Ceremonial Tipi

Have you always wondered how they get tipis to stay up? Attend the moving and dedication as a ceremonial tipi of the Redhorse Tipi at Shamans Camp near Grand Junction, Colorado. You can be on hand and may even get to help move, erect and dedicate the tipi as a ceremonial tipi for the Traveling Shamans. This dedication will feature live music, catered bar-b-q and Traveling Shaman Redhorse Barta supervising the moving, erection and dedication of the tipi at Shamans Camp. The $25 donation covers your attendance at this sacred event as well as a catered bar-b-q box and live music -- no refunds of donations.

Announcing The Creative Journey

Learn how to use shamanic journeying to aide and enhance creativity in the supportive atmosphere of this class. The Creative Journey will meet the second and fourth Wednesday of each Month to journey, process, create and listen to selected creativity readings. One of our main focuses is to take baby steps away from procrastination. Some art supplies will be provided. Energetic exchanges are welcome - call Julia at 970-200-LOVE. Patrons of the Traveling Shamans will be given a code for 50% off class fee. If you live in Grand Junction, Colorado, or you are here for a visit, you can attend this class live at the Shamans Camp. Join to stay in touch.

Donate to the Traveling Shamans

If you believe in the mission of the Traveling Shamans to travel and bring shamanic services to communities that need them, please make a modest donation by clicking on one of the buttons below - to donate either bitcoins or dollars.

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