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Traveling Shamans Camp 2019 is a free admission 3-day festival/camp for shamans, shamanic artists, practitioners, students, friends, and the shaman curious.   This gathering of shamans features ceremonies, sweat lodges, a medicine wheel workshop,  journeying lodge, drum circles, shamanic trance dance * Dances of Universal Peace and more. Enjoy the magic of earth-based ceremony, dancing & drumming with all our relatives. Grab your drum and a water bottle and head to the Fairgrounds in Hotchkiss, Colorado July 26-28.

Lodging & Camping Options

Performances at Shamans Camp

 Open Mic dancers, poets, storytellers, and musicians will be performing at the Main Stage (behind the green bus) every day of the camp from noon to 5pm.  Main Stage will also be the location of Shamanic Trance Dance on Friday and Dances of Universal Peace on Saturday. Contact Julia for  promotional support (video previews with TalkStory.Media) for any shamanic performance, healing session, or other activities you plan to offer at open mic. 

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See you at Shamans Camp!

  • Discover all the wonderful people @ Shamans Camp
  • View art exhibits in Hospitality area
  • Have divination cards read in the  @ Heritage Hall
  • Get body work @ Malony House
  • Check out the  literature table in Heritage Hall
  • Buy cool stuff at the vendor booths in Heritage Hall
  • Hang out at the Hospitality area in Heritage Hall

Volunteer to Help @ Shamans Camp

Samples of Workshops

From Tea Leaves to Tarot: Divination Skills

Winter Ross - Traveling Shaman & Wisdom Teacher

 Human Beings have always longed to know the future. Some are gifted with prescience but all of us can learn to use our intuition to gain insight. Divination methods from many cultures will be explored in this workshop. Learn about Rock Reading (Native American), Scrying (Celtic), Throwing the Bones (African), Runes (Scandinavian) Card and Cloud Reading to name a few. You'll discover which method works best for you. 

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Medicine Wheel Workshop


Description coming soon!

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Sweat Lodge Sign-Up


Sweat lodges will be led by native elders at 8pm each night of Camp except one gentle lodge to be held at 8am on Sunday morning.

Sweat Lodge Sign-Up

Building of Sweat Lodge

This workshop will take place the weekend before the camp.

This workshop will be taught by native elders about a week before the camp.  If you can come a little early to help out, we'll find a place for you to camp and feed you while you're here.

Sign-Up for Building a Sweat Lodge Workshop

Map & Schedule


Shamans Camp 2019 Sponsors

  • Shamanic Arts Center (970-200-LOVE)
  • Epic Grand Valley Magazine

Shamans Camp Lineup of Programs (Map Guide & Schedule @ Info Desk in Heritage Hall)

  • Sweat Lodges - Donnie Bear Track, Chi & Others @ Shamanic Arts Center (Advance sign-up sheet or Sign up Sheet at Info Desk)
  • Shamanic Trance Dance - Big River John Matloky @ Fairgrounds
  • Dance of Universal Peace - Bernie Heideman  @ Fairgrounds
  • Drum Journey Lodge - Winter Ross @ Shamanic Arts Center (sign-up sheet @ scheduling above)
  • Healers & Vendors Booths - Heritage Hall @ Fairgrounds
  • Magic in Ordinary Moments - Shannon McArthur @ Main Stage @ Fairgrounds
  • Medicine Wheel Workshop - Kim Kauley @ Shamanic Arts Center (sign-up sheet @ scheduling above)
  • Crystal Bowls Sound Bath - Cami Esser & Ilse @ Malony House @ Fairgrounds
  • Red Tent - Tanya Blacklight @ Fairgrounds
  • Tai Chi - Sunny Ramsey @ Grassy area in front of main stage @ Fairgrounds
  • Tobacco Ceremony -  Big River John Matloky @ Ceremonial Tipi @ Shamanic Arts Center (sign-up below)

Heritage Hall

  • Hospitality Area - * Coffee & Tea Shop * Art Exhibits * Schedule & Program Preview Videos
  • Information Desk -  Maps & Guides
  • Mezzanine -  Card Readers,  Art Therapy & Tranquility Space

Malony House

  • Various Body Workers - Massage, Reki, etc.
  • Singing Crystal Bowl Baths - Bring yoga mats & water bottles

Advance Sign-Up Sheets

Open Mic Sign-Up

We are interested in having a lineup of musicians, storytellers, performers and other entertainers. Click green bar below to sign-up for Open Mic. You will be informed as to what slot or slots we scheduled for you.

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Pipe Tobacco Ceremony

Led by Big River John Matloky this ceremony will be held in the Ceremonial Tipi at the Shamanic Arts Center. You must be 18 or older to attend.

Tobacco Ceremony Sign-Up

Vendor Booth Sign-Up

 If you need to make a bit of money while you are here, we have 10' x 10' healer & vendor booths with tables and chairs inside Heritage Hall for only $60 for the entire three days. If you have your own little pop-up, you can set up a vendor booth in the grassy area near Main Stage. Vendors, healers and Open Mic performers are eligible for a free promotional video interview which will be uploaded to YouTube.  

Request a Vendor Booth

Talk Story Media Interview Sign-Up

All entertainers, vendors and readers are eligible for a promotional interview either by webcam or in person with Julia of Talk Story Media. These recorded interview will be added to the website and to YouTube to promote Traveling Shamans Camp 2019.

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We host Traveling Shamans and their programs throughout the year  in Hotchkiss, Colorado.  See details at www.ShamanicArts.Center.

Shamans Camp 2019

Fairgrounds in Hotchkiss, Colorado

970-200-LOVE or email either julia@travelingshamans.com or chi@travelingshamans.com