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The Encampment

 The Traveling Shamans Camp is an annual festival camp featuring wisdom teacher/artists giving teachings to the camp through storytelling, in ceremony, in fire and drum circles and in performing, presenting and/or teaching their art.  Click on the link below for camping and lodging options in or near Hotchkiss.


Performances at Shamans Camp

 Open Mic dancers, poets, storytellers, and musicians will perform at the Main Stage every day of the camp from noon to 5pm.  Main Stage is the location of Shamanic Trance Dance and Dances of Universal Peace.  Sign up for your group to perform at Shamans Camp 2020.


Seeking Performance Coordinator for Traveling Shamans Camp 2020!

  • Performance Coordinator - Arranges and schedules music, dancing, & performances  for Main Stage
  • Media Coordinator - Arranges for writers,  photographers, and videographers to document Traveling Shamans Camp 2020.
  • Promotions Coordinator - Arranges for promotional distribution of flyers, posts and advertisements.

If you are interested in this one of these positions, please contact Julia @ ShamanicArts.Center

Private Sessions Available

Private Shamanic Sessions

 Private sessions such as past life regressions, soul retrievals, house clearings, land blessings, Transitions (funerals) and other ceremonies are available by booking with an available shaman at the Shamanic Arts Center. 

Workshops and Events

The Shamanic Arts Center hosts shamanic workshops and events by traveling shamans throughout the year. Most of these are in Hotchkiss. Colorado, however, they can be in your community.  Contact us to sponsor a shamanic event in your community, or to be a vendor at next year's camp.

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We have activities going on throughout the year at ShamanicArts.Center.

Traveling Shamans Camp

Hotchkiss, Colorado, United States