Who is a Shaman?

Who is a Shaman?

We at Traveling Shamans recognize the problems inherent in using the Mongolian word Shaman. However English is a living language, and as such, words enter the language when no current Englsh term works as well. We believe that Shaman is the best word to describe the practitioners who journey between worlds seaching for answers. Our use of this word does not indicate the specific techniques used by each practitioner. This page is a collection of links to articles that we hope will provide a cross section of thoughts on the use of the term Shaman from across the web and the world. 

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Why I’m Not a Shaman & Neither Are You

Seven Questions for Would-Be Shamans

These days, the term “shaman” seems to be quite trendy, and I’m seeing more and more white, new-age folks calling themselves a “shaman” just because they use a drum sometimes, or they like crystals, or they went to a weekend class at a “shaman school”. I even had an acquaintance on Facebook recently post, “Do you think I’m a shaman?”, and wanted his friends to like and post their answers. Let me be clear: if any of this applies to you, you are definitely not a shaman. Click here to read this article.

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