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I am a shamanic artist, ritualist and the events coordinator for the Traveling Shamans. My mission is to support earth based beliefs and practices. It is my strong belief that many of those practices can only be transmitted by personal contact. For this reason, I am strongly committed to bringing shamans to culturally isolated areas where they are needed and wanted.

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About My Work

I mainly to work with people in groups. I offer the Creative Journey and check-in to Creative Journey Patrons every Wednesday at 10 am. I also offers Magical Experiences in person and on retreat at the Shamans Camp in Colorado. Those Experiences are $35 per person and include: * Painting as Meditation * Spirit Guide Collage and * The Sacred Canyon Walk. You can buy a package of four Magical Experiences for $100, or energetic exchanges are welcome. Call Julia with any questions at 970-200-LOVE, or book a webcam visit at: http://VisitwithJulia.com. Contact me if you are interested in hosting a Traveling Shaman in your community,or if you would like to retain the services of a Traveling Shaman. Services offered include blessings for babies, homes, land, marriages, and celebrations of life.


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