About Shamans Desert Camp

Shamans Desert Camp provides a Colorado camping base near I-70 and the Grand Junction Regional Airport for shamanic students and practitioners to stay. Situated near Grand Junction, Colorado the camp is a highly-creative place with a huge shop where shamanic practitioners, artists & students work on their projects and programs and connect with the many unique shamanic and artistic groups of the Four-Corners and surrounding areas.

Currently we are offering the desert camp for sale and are planning to move the main Shamanic Arts Center to Hotchkiss, Colorado. If you are interested in buying the desert camp in Grand Junction and being part of a unique shamanic arts network, contact Julia Widdop - the Events Coordinator for the Traveling Shamans.

The Area

Shamans Desert Camp is in a funky little area of about a dozen mobile and modular homes outside Grand Junction. We thought this would be a good place for the camp because it's home to a unique bunch of free thinkers, artists and anarchists. The perfect place for drumming and all night ceremonies (tolerant neighbors.) 

The camp features a beautiful shaman-built rock fire circle where the camp offers regular fire & group circles. Built by Redhorse Barta this turtle shaped fire circle is the perfect place to gather at the Shamans Desert Camp.

Other parts of the Shamans Desert Camp remain unfinished waiting for the new owner. We have a partially finished bath house, a new tipi still in the box and a camp trailer for volunteers.

The People of Shamans Desert Camp

Julia is an artist & visionary - Mike a practical scientist. We are the core patrons of the Traveling Shamans and currently live part-time at Shamans Camp. Julia is the events coordinator for the Traveling Shamans. Mike is the guy who manifests here on the physical plane.

Camp is Closed in Winter